Welcome and thank you for visiting one of Southern California’s foremost DJ’s! What You Are Looking For… All occasions are significant and memorable. Every single event is tailored specifically to each client’s individual vision of their special day. Your event may be: relaxed, elegant and sophisticated, energetic and over the top, or an all-out party. Getting To Know You… I do very detailed consultations with all of my clients to plan every detail to a “T”.  We go over everything together: organizing the timeline, the flow of the event, make-up of your guests in attendance, announcements, music selection, as well as brainstorm how best to build and set the mood and tone for the party. Where I Come In To Play… I bring to the table absolute professionalism, passion, enthusiasm, caring, and integrity. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of someone’s big day/event. I have been welcomed into people’s lives and families, sharing moments with them as they happen. It is extraordinary being able to take part in their happiness. The bottom line and my only concern is that you and your guests have an unbelievably great time!

What Can I Say… I Love What I Do!

DJMC IAN B 949.791.7077 djmcianb@gmail.com

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