Wedding DJ – Orange County – Country Garden Caterers Santa Ana

Author: DJMC IAN B

If you are planning a wedding or event in Orange County and you are looking for an outstanding caterer that knows how to treat people right, create amazing events, and serve delicious cuisine, then do yourself a favor and check out Country Garden Caterers. Not only does Country Garden Caterers have their own two story venue located in Santa Ana but, they are also the preferred caterers at 30 other high caliber venues located throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire. Country Garden Caterers has brought happiness and excellence to events for over four decades. Every time I have had the pleasure of working with Country Garden Caterers they go above and beyond to make sure everyone is taken care of and things are running smoothly! On this particular wedding I had the good fortune of working with wedding and special events producer Patricia Cano. Patricia is a total rock star when it comes to events and ensuring even the smallest of details are taken care of. Patricia is very proactive, professional, positive and just a great person to work with!

Now on to our wonderful couple Jenny and Don. Jenny and Don were looking for an Orange County Wedding DJ and contacted me; after we spoke we clicked right away. Jenny and Don are a very hardworking couple. Don is a specialist in the Army, and I help out all those who serve in the military; Jenny is a baker extraordinaire. Jenny was even picking up extra shifts at her work just days away from her wedding and that is a very admirable quality. On top of being such hard workers they are also both super cool and a real pleasure to work with. Their wedding was a blast, everyone had such a great time.

Also, at Jenny and Don’s wedding I got a chance to meet and work with photographer Daniel Peckham from Tracing Light Photography. Daniel is a way cool guy to work with and as you can see, he knows his way around a camera lens. These are just some of the first pictures as the wedding was very recent so, I will also do an update as more photos become available. Please enjoy…
bride getting ready
bride and groom at alter

Orange County Wedding DJ

bride and groom outside country garden caterers

bride and groom at the alter suprise kiss
bride and bridesmaids
groom and groomsman having fun
bride and groom with bridal party having fun
bride and bridesmaids having a good time
bride and groom outside country garden venue

Orange County Wedding DJ
bride and groom together outside country garden caters
bride and groom nice sunlight image
bride and groom first dance
bride and friends rocking the dancefloor
Absolutely wonderful wedding special thank you’s to our lovely couple Jenny and Don, our spectacular event specialist Patricia Cano, Country Garden Caterers, and the photographer who took these awesome pictures Daniel Peckham!
Venue: Country Garden Caterers Patricia Cano
Photographer: Tracing Light Photography Daniel Peckham
Entertainment: DJMC IAN B


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