Wedding DJ – Orange County – Proud Mary’s Dana Point

Author: DJMC IAN B

If you are planning a wedding or event in Dana Point, then I would highly advise checking out Proud Mary’s located in the harbor. This was my first time working at this venue and I was very impressed! Proud Mary’s is a gorgeous venue in a beautiful location with breathtaking views of the harbor and a staff that is absolutely second to none! Proud Mary’s has a great vibe and energy. Proud Mary’s is just one of those places that you feel good right when you walk in the door and that good feeling last’s even after you’ve left.  If your having a wedding or an event, believe me, you want to have a place with great energy. You also want a staff that is happy to be there and is proactive in helping out. Proud Mary’s staff couldn’t have been more friendly or more on top of their game. Very impressive and refreshing. Weddings and events are an industry that revolve around taking great care of people and Proud Mary’s definitely knows how to do that!  Proud Mary’s has an awesome large covered patio area, good size full bar-cocktail area, delicious cuisine, and a top notch staff. Proud Mary’s has you covered!

I had two other firsts at this event. One I had the pleasure of meeting and working with the photographer Chrissie Kirk of Bella Luce Photography .  She was awesome to work with and an absolute professional. Not only does she do fantastic work, she also does a lot of work with military families and that speaks volumes about her as a person. When she is finished with the photos I will do an update to showcase her work from this event. It has only been a little over a week and artists take time to make things right. My second was working with event planner Jenny Domingo. Jenny was sharp, quick, and constantly in action. It is a great dynamic working with someone who brings there A-game. I will have an update for Jenny’s contact info soon.

Now about our lovebirds Charla & Michael. From our first phone call we really hit it off. Charla and Mike have awesome, fun, and outgoing personalities! These two complement each other so well and it is great seeing people so in love. They explained to me how they wanted their wedding to be and their ideas for their big day! When you have a couple like this, that is in love and on the same page, you have all the right ingredients for an extraordinary wedding! Also, Michael is in the military and I fully support the military and appreciate all they do for us, so it was absolutely my pleasure helping this wonderful couple out! Here are some photo’s of there day. Enjoy…..
Dana Point wedding
Proud Mary's reception patio
military gift table
outside patio for reception
view of Dana Point harbor
cake table at proud mary's
patio ceiling opens up, military swords out as guests arrive
ceremony starting
bride and groom saying there i do's
bride reading her vows
military sword ceremony outside on harbor deck
smiling bride and groom
dana point wedding guests on dock
bride and groom posing on dock
bride and groom with bridal party on dock
bride and groom and the guys in uniform taking a shot together
bride and groom doing table visitations during reception
rockstar photo with bride and groom and DJMC IAN B

The wedding, the night, the guests, the vendors, and of course the couple was awesome!
Special thank you to a wonderful couple Charla and Mike, to a tremendous venue Proud Mary’s, a great coordinator Jenny, and to a fantastic photographer Chrissie!

Venue: Proud Mary’s big thank you to Steve, Donna, and Nick for just an amazing job!

Photographer: Bell Luce photography thank you Chrissie



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