Wedding DJ – Inland Empire – Star Ranch Corona


The demand for weddings with a rustic western feel has definitely grown over the years. If your planning a wedding and want a rustic, outdoor, ranch, old western town vibe and are looking for something different and unique, then I have the place for you. The venue is called Star Ranch and it is literally its own secluded large venue/ranch high in the mountains in Corona. This is an excellent venue for those brides and grooms who want to wear their cowboy boots when they’re saying there I do’s. The Star Ranch is also a horse ranch and it allows the bride and grooms to incorporate their love of horses into their wedding day. The view from this venue is breathtaking. The Star Ranch even does a special something during the ceremony for the couples. For instance, sometimes during a ceremony, couples might choose to do a rose, sand, candle, or tree ceremony and so-on however, the Star Ranch creates a special branding metal design for each couple and during the ceremony, the couple takes the brand out of the fire and brands a piece of leather together to keep for themselves as a symbol of their love on their wedding day. Another unique feature of the Star Ranch is, during the cocktail hour a few of the staff members assist the guests with doing a quick draw demonstration and its pretty cool. I have to hand it to the staff at Star Ranch, not only do they do things in their own creative way, they put 100% effort into what they’re doing. Now on to our couple…..

Misty and Joe are a wonderful couple who contacted me about there day and we hit it off right away. I really like these two and it was an absolute pleasure being able to help them with there day! They new what they wanted, they just needed the right Orange County DJ who knows country music and classic rock n’ roll  to help them put everything together. Not only are Misty and Joe adorable together they are super cool and totally down to earth. They have great energy together and this cool Rock n’ Roll Country vibe style that really compliments them as a couple. Misty and Joe are a one of a kind couple and they wanted their wedding to be a one of a kind as well! Misty & Joe knew the theme they wanted for their day, the music, the vibe, they wanted to have beautiful horses involved on there wedding day and they certainly picked the right venue to accomplish all of this. During the ceremony Misty made a beautiful entrance on a gorgeous Belgium Draft horse and when the ceremony was finished both Misty and Joe made their exit on two other beautiful horses. It was very cool to see.  Here is some photos from their day. The first set of photos are some I took and the next set were taken by Jenn @ Fitz Photography. Please enjoy!
Star ranch view of mountains
star ranch view of the recepton area
horse training area
ceremony area
beautiful belgian draft horse
belgian draft horse with trainer
belgian draft horse having a walk
building in old western town
old western town reception area
brides entrance on horse
brides entrance on horse
bride walking down the isle
bride groom and minister at alter
bride and groom during the branding ceremony
bride getting on horse to exit ceremony site
bride and groom leaving on horses after ceremony
bride and groom on horses leaving
bride and groom first dance at star ranch in corona
bride and groom image
wedding cake in back of old pick up truck
wedding dress and cowboy boots on pick up truck
wedding rings on spurs
bride and groom at star ranch corona
bride and groom kissing each other while holding thier horses in background
bride and grooms brand image from ceremony
bride and groom embrace at star ranch in corona
bride and groom with incredible view of mountain in background
Speciall thank you’s to Misty & Joe for being awesome and:

Venue: Star Ranch

Photographer: Jenn @ Fitz Photography



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