Wedding DJ – Orange County – Private Residence or Backyard Wedding – Insider Wedding Tips

By Ian B

I have had several clients ask about the different aspects of having a private residence or backyard wedding idea with me. I want to say that absolutely, you can have a awesome wedding within this dynamic. Of course, some of the things to consider are the guest count, size of property, available parking, noise restrictions, and vendor access, to name a few. However, with some careful planning and the right key people on your side this is easily accomplished. If your a Newlywed couple and are planning an event to have at a venue or a residence, please see my previous post 6 Tips for Choosing Wedding Venues all Newlywed Couples Should Consider. This will definitely give you some good advice. Also, for any newlyweds, please see any other page on website for more insight. A private residence is also a great location for any type of event or social gathering. And now for some great photos from a recent private residence wedding event. Enjoy…
Backyard with pool set up for wedding
flowers in the pool umbrellas for the guests
great seating around pool for ceremony
view of ceremony area
head table and dinner area with bistro lighting
close up of ceremony area
pool and patio lit at night with candles
backyard pool view with candles
backyard dinner area with bistro lighting
bride and groom first dance in backyard under bistro lighitng

As you can see, get with a creative mind and the right planning and a private residence event can be every bit as good as a venue!


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